Still trying to wrap you head around how your values impact your relationships, health, finances and your work life?

Fear no more, I can help with that! I partner with people:

Individually: via coaching and leadership development
Collectively: via consulting with organisations both corporate, and not for profit

All with the goal to bring focus and purpose to our lives and build authentic communities.
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Branching Out Branching Out
Activate Your Values Activate Your Values
Branching Out Branching Out
So let me start by asking… Who the hell are YOU? 

A very direct question for someone you are meeting for the first time I know, but a necessary one. Before you leave, please allow me to explain my rudeness.

Who are YOU at the very depths of your core? What do you believe? What brings you joy, or fills you with passion?

Answering the seemingly simple question “Who are you?” is no simple task!

We spend our childhood influenced by our parents, guardians, and teachers. As we evolve and grow, we are then subject to the lessons of our partners, co-workers and friends. These outside influencers help mold and shape who we are, but at our core… we are as unique as our own fingerprints or DNA.

Ever wonder why you make/or don’t make a particular decision? Why you are feeling content/ or uneasy?  Why something is so important to you that your subconscious takes control and ensures it does/or doesn’t happen?

Values. Your values are at the core of everything! They are what motivate your decisions, fears and actions.  When you are out of sync with your values you may feel sick at the thought of returning to work on Monday, you may dread interactions with friends or colleagues, you might feel depressed, anxious, angry and resentful. Your productivity is down, you get too many colds, sleep too much, or too little… others may start to avoid you. This is called "misalignment", and trust me…you can't hide it!

Our first task is to identify, define, and really unpack your unique set of values and bring them into consciousness. Once we have done this, we can learn how to leverage your values to work for you, rather than against you so you can let go of behaviours that are counter to your success, and achieve alignment with your authentic self.
I light up working with people who want to make a difference, find meaning and unearth purpose and passion in their lives, their careers, and their relationships.

I like to fancy myself a Storyteller, who talks way too fast, collects rocks, stands up for the underdog, worships trees, and does my best to honour and fulfill my purpose to “positively impact the perspective of how we see people, and how we as people, see the world” in all that I do.

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